Kids Page

Learn about spending with us and Rockland Trust

Interested in teaching your children about saving, money, and needs versus wants?  Starting an allowance and want to explain how to save? The Bridgewater Public Library can help!  We are also sharing a link from Rockland Trust bank, who has designed a Ms. Money at home program, with lessons, songs and activity sheets you can print out and use to teach your children all about money.  We also have books for your older children, who may be interested in learning about ways to make money!

Valentine picks for kids of all ages!

February begins and Valentine's Day is near.  Instead of chocolates this year, how about watching a movie and making popcorn together, or maybe reading a story together?  Creative?  We also have some suggestions of books to create holiday treats and crafts together.  Have a particular book in mind?  We can help you place a hold on that as well- either call us during business hours (see our website for the most up to date information!) or email us at   We can make sugges