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We want your opinion on Lightbox!

We are looking into purchasing a subscription to Lightbox.  Lightbox is a curriculum-based portal with Science, Technology, Life Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Literature and more!  Read books online, find activities, videos and quizzes based on the book/topic.  Perfect for those in grades K-12, either to supplement home learning or for those teachers looking for a little extra to add to their classroom.  Before we purchase it though, we want to know...what do you think of this product?  Would it be something you could see yourself or your child using?   Try it out at

Baby-Sitters Club Books

Attention all fans of Netflix's The Baby-sitters Club: we have purchased the newly re-released chapter books and have graphic novels of all your favorite characters!



Currently available at Bridgewater Public Library (click the title of the book to place a hold with your SAILS card)


September Recommendations

What books do we recommend for this month?

September is normally back to school month, filled with getting supplies, new clothes, and riding the bus.  It's going to be different this year for sure, but if you have a child heading off to school (or a new school) for the first time, here are some books on going to school, missing family and classroom fun!

14 Books to Help Kids Get Ready for the New School Year

Off to preschool or kindergarten?  Check out these books!