Online Library FAQ

How do I login?

When logging in to any online resource, select Bridgewater Public Library and enter your library card number and PIN.

  • Enter your library card number without any spaces
  • Your PIN number, by default, is the last four digits of your phone number (unless you have requested a different number). If you have forgotten your PIN Number, you can have it emailed to the email address listed in your library record. You may also call the Library at 508-238-2000.

What if I don't have a library card?

Patrons can register for a temporary virtual library card for immediate access to online resources. Online registrants will be required to pick up a physical card before the virtual card expiration date in order to continue using library resources.

For even more online resources, register for an eCard from the Boston Public Library.

Why doesn’t the library buy every best selling title in ebook format?

Not all publishers will sell ebooks to libraries and library consortia.  As of January 2012, we are unable to purchase new releases from Penguin (eBook and audio book) or any title by Simon and Schuster, Macmillan, Hachette, and Brilliance Audio.  Harper-Collins requires that we purchase a new copy of a title after 26 uses.

Why do I have to wait for an ebook? Aren’t these virtual?

Libraries have to purchase an ebook in the same way they purchase physical books.  The publishers require us to abide by one copy/one user model just as we do with physical books.  We try to anticipate which titles will be popular by purchasing extra copies but we don’t have the funds to buy enough copies to fill every patron request immediately.

Hoopla provides instant access — no wait times or hold lists — to a growing collection of ebooks and digital audiobooks. Check out all the offerings on the hoopla website or through its Apple or Android app.



Do you have a resource you'd like to feature on our list? Contact us using this webform. All submissions are reviewed by Library staff, assessed for quality and accuracy of content, and if deemed appropriate, will be added to our collection of online resources. Note: We only review resources sent through this form.