Rules of Conduct


Bridgewater Public Library Rules of Conduct Policy

Bridgewater Public Library provides an inviting environment to read, study, use computers, and find a wide variety of materials selected for all age groups. The Library is a very active center of information, cultural activities, recreation, and learning. To help facilitate the Library’s mission of serving as a learning and educational center for all residents of the community and to ensure that all visitors feel welcome and comfortable, we ask that all Library users adhere to the following guidelines while on the Bridgewater Public Library campus.


Appropriate activities in the Library include:

  • Leisure reading.
  • Research.
  • Homework.
  • Computer use.
  • Quiet conversation with friends.


Visitors to the Library should be courteous to the staff and to other patrons. The Library should only be used for its intended purposes; therefore the following behaviors are not acceptable:

  • Physical contact including hitting, rough-housing, and physical display of affection.
  • Disruptive noise, including loud conversations in person or over a phone, and playing music on a personal device or Library equipment.
  • Soliciting or distributing materials.
  • Photos of the Library grounds and buildings can be taken with prior permission. When taking pictures please be respectful of the privacy and personal space of other library users and visitors.
  • Smoking, including e-cigarettes and other forms of tobacco are not allowed in any part of the premises at any time.
  • Improper use of library furniture, computers, books, and other materials.
  • Destructive, threatening, and/or inappropriate behavior.
  • Harassment, disorderly conduct, vandalism, and theft are illegal and instances of such behavior will be reported to the Bridgewater Police Department.
  • No person shall bring, or let into the library building, any animal other than a Seeing-Eye or other service dog, without the authorization of the Library Director.
  • Children are not to be left unattended, subject to the requirements outlined in the Library Unattended Child Policy.
  • No loitering near, or blocking public entrances, stairwells, or otherwise obstructing the right of way of Library staff & patrons.

 All visitors to Bridgewater Public Library are expected to comply with all reasonable requests of any member of Library staff.

Anyone exhibiting any of the above unacceptable behaviors or otherwise found in violation of Library policy will be asked to leave the Library immediately. Repeat incidents may result in the loss of library privileges.