Print, Copy, Fax

Do you need to print something, make copies, or send a fax? Bridgewater Public Library provides public access for these tasks. All print and copy transactions are subject to the library's Computer & Internet Use Policy.



Printing can be done from any of the library's public computer stations located on the first floor by logging in using your library card. If you do not have a library card, please ask for a guest pass at the Reference Desk.

Printed documents can be picked up from the librarian at the Reference Desk.

  • Printing costs $0.25 per page (color or black & white). Double sided prints = 2 pages. You can pay for your prints when you pick them up from the Reference Desk.
  • Only cash accepted.

*Note: You are required to pay for all pages you print regardless of your intent. If you are unsure how to print, or how many pages your document is, please ask for assistance prior to sending your document to the printer.


To make copies, visit our public photocopier located next to the Circulation desk to your left just as you enter the Adult Fiction section. There are instructions posted for your convenience or you may ask a librarian for assistance.

  • Copies cost $0.25 per page (color or black & white). Please use the vending station located to the right of the photocopier to pay for your copies.
  • Only cash accepted.


  • The cost to fax is $1.00 per page with a maximum number of 10 pages per fax [our fax machine is not robust and larger faxes will need to be sent in smaller batches].
  • Only cash accepted.
  • Only faxes within the Continental United States or to a toll free 800 number are accepted.
  • We provide outgoing fax service ONLY. No incoming faxes will be accepted.
  • Please come to the Reference Desk for fax service.