Virtual Escape Room: Spy Apprentice Digital Escape Room

locked door

A virtual escape room: Spy Apprentice Digital Escape Room

Hello! Since we are all stuck at home for a while, let’s “escape the room” together on this spy themed mission where we take you around the world solving clues!

This escape room can be done as a group or by yourself and you can replay and/or share it as many times as you like! The clues are pretty difficult, so it is probably the most fun for groups with teens and adults. We recommend that you time yourself and see how fast you can solve all the puzzles.

If you found this on a social media app, we recommend opening this escape room in a separate web browser so you can click through to necessary links more easily.

This escape experience was created by Lauren Rura and Felicia Brock, Adult Service Librarians at Washington-Centerville Public Library in Centerville, OH.




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