Bite-Sized RPGs Teen Session: Virtual Role-Playing on Zoom


NOTE: Registration required. This event will be held for teen registrants on Zoom; it will not be recorded or streamed.

Ever wanted to play the role of someone else, just for the afternoon...? For decades, role-playing games have helped friends and strangers alike come together and spend time envisioning themselves as fantastic heroes, fulfilling—or fumbling—their way through an infinite range of intriguing stories with the help of a dedicated Game Master. Imagination, ingenuity, and a few good die rolls are all that separate you from a personal victory and a lasting group bond.

The Teen Gaming crew of the Boston Public Library will be coming together every few weeks to showcase a variety of role-playing games well-suited to both novice and experienced players. Our first sessions will take place on Twitch, where teen viewers can influence the action, help staff players and Game Masters make pivotal choices, and vote for the game they prefer. Each initial session will feature two different games. Our subsequent session will take place on Zoom a few weeks later, where teens can register to participate in the game as fully-developed characters of their own design.

You can visit to register and watch the first session.

Thank you Boston Public Library for hosting this program!




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