Artist Reception: Spectrum Vision by Frankie Ryan

Image includes: colorful swirly rainbow background with 2 photographs of works by Frankie Ryan including pink haired cartoon sitting in tea cup. Mermaid creature with horn. and colorful swirly design. Text Reads: Spectrum Vision. Frankie Ryan. On Display This April. Art reception: April 6 at 1PM

Join Frankie Ryan for a reception of her show Spectrum Vision, which will be on display through the month of April!

About the Artist: 

Frankie Ryan, a dynamic 25-year-old woman, navigates the world on the autism spectrum with both resilience and passion. As a fervent advocate, she dedicates herself to educating the public about the unique challenges confronted by the neurodiverse community. Frankie's valuable contributions extend beyond the realm of personal experience, seamlessly complementing the scientific discourse she engages with. Her distinctive perspective not only enriches the conversation but also serves as a testament to the importance of embracing neurodiversity in our collective understanding.

Frankie's art, as a representation of her perspective as a neurodiverse individual, offers a unique and captivating blend of influences. The fusion of anime, abstract elements, and whimsical works suggests a rich and diverse creative palette.

About the Exhibit: 

Spectrum Vision is a curated experience that transcends traditional art displays. It invites viewers into a realm where art becomes a medium for expressing and promoting inclusivity, embracing differences, and sparking meaningful contemplation. The whimsical elements in the artwork add a playful and imaginative dimension to the exhibition. There is a celebration of creativity, joy, and a sense of wonder. The whimsy serves as a way to engage and connect with the audience on an emotional level. The use of abstract elements, especially in the context of proposing inclusivity is powerful. Abstract art allows for open interpretation, enabling viewers to connect with the artwork on a personal level. It symbolizes the idea that diversity and uniqueness are not only accepted but embraced.

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