Art Reception: Extraterrestrial - Extreme Adventure by Kal-El Maximus Josephs

Image includes: photos of 3 drawings of colorful extraterrestrials. Graphics of markers and pens scattered. Text reads: Flora T. Little Art Gallery Presents. Extraterrestrial Extreme Adventure. Artist Reception. Saturday, February 17 at 12PM. February Exhibit. By Kal-El Maximus Josephs

Drop by to meet artist Kal-El Maximus Josephs, whose art exhibit Extraterrestrial - Extreme Adventure will be on display throughout the month of February.

About the Exhibit: 

Kal-El's exhibit is a collection of multicolored images with an extraterrestrial vibe. He states that his impressions were mostly developed from small errors and imperfections in random drawings. Kal-El would begin drawing a simple figure and if a line or shade went in an unplanned direction, instead of stopping there and starting over, he would add an identical piece or build upon the "accident". This is how Kal-El ended up with some of his most captivating pieces yet! Kal-El's framed artwork and merchandise such as t-shirts, hats and hoodies are available on special order.

About the Artist: 

Kal-El is a six year old boy who loves multiple forms of art, like drawing, coloring, building and making his own music. He also thoroughly enjoys numbers and is always ready to get into math mode. His other interests include swimming, dancing and karate. However, Kal-El's number one go-to activity is creating his own images and bringing them to life with bright, eye-catching colors. This often helps him to stay in a calm and relaxed mood, and he can usually be heard humming his own tunes while creating his art.

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